Why I am done praying to win the lottery…. 

I used to pray to win the lottery every damn day. 8484737374 times a day. It was going to be the thing that made me the most happy.  I just knew it would wash all my worries away and give Calgon a run for its money.

I’d get out of debt, I’d get a better this or that, I’d buy a pontoon, I’d save the homeless and feed the starving. 

My jarring realization was that I was always wishing and dreaming from a space of desperation. I thought this was going to be the answers to my prayers. 

This is such bullshit thinking. 

Now I believe the answer to our prayers is learning to count and focus on our current blessings.

I know we are able to reach an excuberant amount of happiness when we can source love and joy from inside, regardless of what our external situations look like. 

Regardless of the debt, regardless of the shitty job, shitty medical diagnosis, regardless of being surrounded by venomous toxic people masked as God loving saints that send you in a tail spin.

Despite it all.

As I dive deeper into my relationship with faith my world is being turned upside down in epic proportions. 

I figured something was coming down the pipe when I had my epiphany about praying and learning to do so from a place of faith and trust. 

When I used to think that I was desperate for a break and wanted to win the lottery I was basically saying that I didnt trust that God has abundance in store for me. 


You mean to tell me I can’t wish and pray for the miracle of winning the lottery to solve my problems?!!? 


What’s been put in my heart to say about this is that I know there is abundance for all of us. I believe it with every ounce of my being. But we have to do the work for it.

We have to meet God half way. 

If we listen carefully, God or the universe or whoever you pray to will lob whispers into our hearts of epic things we are supposed to do. Or more importantly, what we are supposed to be. 

I can hear mine loud as day. It’s that super courageous, scary ass, really putting myself out there for a real big opportunity to fall flat on my face and fail, thing. 

It’s the thing my brain flips to and thinks about without me even noticing. It’s where my day dreams take me when I am cruising to the grocery store or reading down the pages of a book before I notice I’m not even present in the pages.

It’s what He built us for and equipped us with all the things that we need to step into that role. It’s essentially coming back to love, and what we were intended to be when we were created and came to earth.

It’s what we stumble around here fucking up massively and doing hard things and learning tough lessons for. It’s what we get polished for.

It’s our purpose. 

I giggle now because I know that my strength and faith in myself and belief in Him is going to be tested. He’s not going to just lob me a big ass lottery winning. Nope. And I’m ok with that. 🙂 

We are all made for big things. 

 He’s planted a big ass seed in our hearts to create positive change and raise the vibration and be a source of love and light.

Our assignments might look different externally, but they all dial down to the same cause. Love. 

I know that if we show up relentlessly, authentically, courageously, and keep listening to that whisper and following the guidance we should see and feel daily, we will realize our abundance. 

So many of us hear these whispers and immediately our fears shut them down. 

We die with epic shit and magic still in us. 

We were all made with incredibly beautiful gifts to be of service and share with the world to make it a more loving, inspired, brilliant place. 

I now know I can cut the shit of wishing for a lottery winning. I will try and reframe my energy to that of a faith based standpoint that I will always be taken care of. Even if it doesn’t look like it right now. 

Don’t get me wrong. If a million dollars landed on my plate right now I wouldn’t shoo it away. ☺️

But what we should focus on is learning to be content and grateful for what we have in the present. Let’s not be so consumed with the things we wish for that we neglect the things in the now. 

Learning to live in a state of gratitude will draw more to us to be grateful for. But not if we don’t learn to appreciate what we have now.

Instead of sitting around dreaming for a lottery winning, let’s hit the pavement learning and doing, emulating and being what we were sent here to be. 

Let’s do these things with faith that we will see abundance in our lifes in ways we never dreamed. 

With much love and courage.  

a. Danielle ❣️

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