On trusting ourselves, taking (and giving) advice and cultivating inner wisdom kibbles ðŸ’›ðŸ’«ðŸŒŸ

This blurby blurb is gonna be nestled tightly under a brand spankin NEW category called “The Glinda the Good Witch Chronicles”….  ðŸ™‚ 

This is my favorite category because it’s where my passion and fire are most tenacious. 

It’s because I am a firm FIRM believer that we have been built with everything we need to know about anything to do with surviving and thriving in this thing we call life right inside each of us… 

I know that we have all been masterfully built from the inside out with intricate pieces that make each of us an exquisite, spectacular, brilliant creation.  

Gonna leave that ditty bit right there… 🙂

But how amazingly refreshing and relieving is THAT??!? 

Know what else is also built in us??? That we need to tap into…. 

Wisdom. BRILLIANT fucking wisdom that knows what our soul yearns for us to listen to. 

How do we tap into this fountain of youth for our guidance??? We must learn to trust ourselves. Period. 

 Remember in the movie Witchy Oz… the lesson taught by Glinda was that Dorothy had everything she needed inside her all along??! She didn’t need to the ruby slippers… 

But let’s hold the phone a sec here… I am also a firm believer that anything blingy is more than necessary to inch you closer to your dreams ✨🙃💫 Mmmmkay.

OHHHHHHHH. Sit down Martha. I hear you squawking. 

You’ve fucked up your life every which way edgewise right? Up, down and sideways and back again and wouldn’t dare trust yourself, right?? 

I know. 

Me too. That’s what I write.  

I biff up. BIG. I get curious and reflective… learn what I can from it and write about it. 

I truly want to drag you all past all that so you don’t have to do the hard shit yourself…  but I can’t. 

What I can tell you is this. I GUARANTEE with every ounce of my being that those times you fucked up the most… and often… you were disconnected from yourself and source, SOMEHOW. 

Drugs. Shopping.. Binge eating… Boozing… Our lack of self awareness… living lives that aren’t ours… So attached to your iPhone and stalking your old life that you don’t have a foot in your current moment… etc etc etc.

NUMEROUS distractions cause us to get disconnected from ourselves.. God, Source energy.. Everything. 

It drowns out our internal voice that truly knows what we need and guides us to be more in alignment with our purpose, our happy, and our flow. 

This will be a reoccurring ditty about being disconnected because I have succeeded so staunchly in that arena that it cost me my soul… And I have fought like hell to get my flame back. 

So this brings me to want to talk about taking adivce from family, friends, co workers, loved ones… Google. You name it. Advice from anyone other than your internal wisdom and whoever you pray to… 

I know we need peoples.. we need a solid, loving, supportive tribe…

They mean well. They love us. And we love them. Hard. 

But here’s the deal. 

They aren’t built from the same pieces we are. They don’t have the same inner workings, the same hurts, the same ouchies, the same insecurities, the same life growing up as we do… 

They may LOOK similar… You may have tribe mates your drawn to for suffering in similar experiences… 

Drug abuse… Cheating Narcissistic husbands… Eating disorders…. 

Yes. All similar. 

But so not. 

It’s wise to seek counsel in those we trust and love. I think it’s important that we are aware enough to know that when they give advice they are giving it from their own perspective. Their own fears, experience and other factors added up and that’s what we get from them according to THEIR journey. 

We all have those friends that will be quick to say “oh f💥ck that guy move on” if we share that our man has done something that upset us…. 

And they do so from a loving place I can assure you. But just because you had a cheating husband and the marriage dissolved does NOT mean that everyone else in a similar jam is going to end up like that. 

The players are different. What they are made of us different… literally EVERYTHING is different. 

My point? 

Is this: 

What if we just loved our people through whatever they are going through?? We remove our knee jerk reaction to tell them what to do… or how to do it or even give judgmental opinions of said cheating asshole husband 🙃💫🙂 

What if we just created a safe space for our loved ones to just “be”??  A safe space that says “I know what your going through is hard and exhausting and stretching you as thin as you can get to the point of breaking….  Your heart is saying one thing and your brain is saying another… But I’m  just going to love you how you are no matter what decision YOU make for you and your situation”… 

I think when we approach life from that mindset it allows them space to tune into their own internal wisdom. It gives them space to process what they need to go through knowing that no matter what they are fully supported by us. This might allow them the freedom to get connected to themselves and their God or source or whatever’s truly needed for them to be guided on their path. 

They can find their own Glinda the Good Witch Vibes. 🌟💫💛🔥

That feels so much better to me… I know when I was down and out what I didn’t need was a bashing session that accomplished nothing but giving certain people an arena to get their own hatred out of them using my situation as a catalyst to do so. 

What I think we need is loving support. Fuel. 

I don’t think there are right or wrong decisions per se… 

I believe we make a decision based off what we have to work with at the time and if it so happens to blow up in our face then wouldn’t it be much better if we had a safe place to land? 

Instead of judgy “I told you so’s” etc??  

I invite you to join me in being more mindful when listening to our loved ones struggles the next time they reach out to us. 

Let’s be more mindful to simply illuminate the fact that we are here for them to love them however they choose to navigate their lives… That they couldn’t fuck up hard enough for us to judge them with an ill heart or foul intent. 

Let’s illuminate a space that allows them to show up and be the beautiful, brilliant being that THEY are. Let’s give them the freedom to dial into their own internal wisdom and navigational devices. 

Because they have it. You have it. I have it. 

I think we’d all feel safer using it if we knew we would be loved and supported for doing so. And the more we use it the stronger it becomes and the closer we get to living a life that’s truly, fully meant for us.

Happy flutters my loves… 

a. Danielle ❣️ 

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