The secret magic pill to our body image woes… 

Life is too short to be spent at war with yourself…. ⚓️

As promised here is the first blurb in an undetermined amount of blurbies in the series called “What the F💥ck is goin on around here”. 🙂 

I don’t know about you but I think that’s got a catchy little ringly jingly to it. 🙃

Let’s dive right in. 

Did you do your homework task? Did you pinpoint that thing about your body that you hate or are embarrassed of?

You know the thing… it’s what you pick apart relentlessly every time you look in the mirror, what you spend an obscene amount of time trying to cover up or adjust your clothing just right so your not exposed and it isn’t seen by God forbid another judgmental person… Including yourself. 

It’s the thing you may secretly admire on another persons body… 

I know you know what it is. It’s the thing that deflates us of self esteem and maybe even self worth… 

If your like me it’s the thing(s) that caused me to go shopping ONLY when I had a level 5.8 buzz because the anxiety and disgust and self loathing that showed up to my dressing room was enough to set off a massive meltdown.  The shame and disappointment I felt about myself when trying on clothes was somewhat soothed over by booze and maybe a snaccidental Xanax pill… 

It might be the thing that causes you to try on 483737384 outfits to go out in only to say fuck it because your so upset you end up staying home. Then not only do you not go flutter with your loved ones but you actually stay home and order a pizza and binge yourself into oblivion because stuffing yourself miserable was the better alternative to the shit you feel when you think about yourself and what you feel you look like in the mirror. 

Not that I know from experience…. 

I think you catch my drifty here. 

Now this is gonna get a little interactive for a minute. Don’t worry I will be participating right along side you. 

This parts important though, so don’t skip over it. 

I want you to think long and hard about the intensity of how you feel when you think of this body part or all the havoc that part wreaks on your body. 

And I mean REALLY feel it. 

What is it? Shame? DISGUST? Do you hate it? And how ferociously do you hate it? Does it cause embarrassment? Feelings that your never gonna be loved or accepted?

It’s ok. Come with me a little further…. 

Does it make you feel less than? Does it make you feel like your not beautiful? Does it make you feel like your a failure or worthless? Your stupid? Ugly?

What? Your in constant fear your husbands gonna replace you with a newer make and model because you think your fat and lack self esteem, confidence and self worth and can’t bring yourself to confidently wear cute and trendy clothes like everyone else? 

Oh. Woops. How’d that one get in there 🙃

I’m telling you this is important that you get real fucking honest and real fast if you want to see, touch, feel and embrace dynamic positive change. 

With me? Good. Now sit with it. Sit with those shitty feels.

Don’t push them down or away. Don’t jump to Facebook and numb yourself out. 

It’s ok. I’m here with you and I wouldn’t tell you to go here if I wasnt. I’ve got you. Trust me. 

Because this: 

Now let’s shift gears a smidge. 

Now tell me this. What is the thing or person you absolutely love more than anything on the face of the earth? More than the air you breath? What’s the thing you love so much that it makes your soul flutter and stomach feel like it has butterflies in it. What’s the thing that lights you up at the very thought about it?? 

Maybe you smiled just now when you thought of it… 

Isn’t that feeling amazing? Those kind of feels that pure love elicites. Pure, uninhibited, blissful love. 

Now let’s sit with this a bit. Let it wrap around your heart and dance in your soul. Let it warm you up from the inside out.

Those warm and fuzzy feels. The things that just feel like home. You can breath. You feel peaceful easy feelings 🙃 Joy. Bliss. Soul smiles. Radiant warmth from the inside out.

Remember this feeling. 

Now, I need to ask you something serial…  When is the last time you felt THAT way when you thought about yourself? 

When’s the last time you felt remotely like that when you looked in the mirror? 

You don’t do very often do you??… Be truthful. 

Why not? 

I know what your thinking. You thought you were gonna get a meal plan or secret magic trick or magic pill to make your body woes go away didn’t you? 

You thought you were gonna get the short cut to get rid of that cellulite right? And now I’ve taken you on a crazy train ride though a shit storm of emotions and you think there’s no connection. 

But there is. 

There sooooooo is. 

This my friends and followers (and haters that want to keep tabs on me 😉) was the issue that once I had a rude awakening about how terrible I was treating myself – and made an attempt to be more loving and accepting of myself changed EVERYTHING. 

You don’t believe me that’s fine? But this is your first task to be mindful about. 

I’m telling you that I know you want to jump in an ubber restrictive low carb low calorie starvation diet and do 4837267294 mins of cardio to get where you think you need to be and that’s ok. 

But if you want to make deep, meaningful positive changes… start here. 

Here’s why… 

I know that you think you will reach the pinnacle happiness “when you lose that 15-20lbs” or get back into your pre-Prego clothes etc. 

The truth is if you can’t source happiness from the inside regardless of what you look like or feel like on the outside your gonna be in for a rude awakening. Trust me on this one, I know. 

Your looks can change at any time… Period? Oh lord be ready for that extra water weight, grouchy cravings and roller coaster emotions, oh my!

Restricted yourself so much that you finally got into those jeans or dropped the weight but found out you simply can’t sustain that rigid type of lifestyle and the next thing you know you gained it all back and maybe then some??!? ☹️ 

I’m not telling you how to live your life or sayin that I am right (but I am 😝😜🙃 kiddin). What I am sayin is that I have been there done that and found a better, more peaceful, graceful way to go about things that produce a much higher success rate all across the board.

And I am telling you that once I surrendered and latched on to this theory things improved DRAMATICALLY. 

So just try it for a little while….. That’s all I’m asking. Hand me over that hate, and shame and guilt and self loathing you have to yourself and your body and try illiciting feelings of love and full acceptance to yourself. 

Love yourself and that part of you we picked out earlier as much and as hard as you love the thing or person most dearest to your heart. 

I promise I’ll give you back your shame and guilt and hatred if you find that it’s easier living treating yourself like that than it is to treat yourself with loves. 

I am confident that you will find it so much easier and less abrasive living with this new attitude toward yourself. It will fill your time with so much more joy you will wonder how you ever endured living in such negativity as you did before. 

Next in the lineup of blurbies will adventure into my food and exercise fumbles and triumphs and what I do to feel as amazing as I do. (Notice I always reference “feel” and not “look”…. hmmmmm 🙂🌟🙃)

Not sure in which order but stay tuned and in the mean time I’ll take care of your guilt and shame and hate feelers that you let go of for now. No worries they are in good hands 🙃 

All my love….. 

a. Danielle ❣️

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