About going to Church… ðŸ’«

This ramble has been brought on because two weeks ago I started a 5 week to happiness course at a church I had never been to. 

From the first night meeting the pastor of this church in class I felt an intense desire to attend an actual sermon from this guy. 

His energy was incredible, his mere presence and sharing of his personal story was inspiring to the extreme. 

I attended a service at that church this morning – late, OF COURSE 🙃 But I attended non the less. 

It so happened that there was a guest giving the sermon – which was fine because the message was still incredible. 

The entire experience was beyond moving. Almost to tears. It hit all the feelers. 💕 From the sermon to the band and singers to the other attendees. There was no lack of love or energy in those walls. 

I sat outside on their lawn chair afterwards to get some fresh air and reflect on my experience a bit… 

This is when I recalled that I had a discussion with a sweet friend a while ago  about how he didn’t feel like he needed to actually attend church and asked what I got out of it. 

First let me give you a little back ground of me… I used to be a huge HUGE dickhead. An asshole of epic proportions. If something positive came out of me it was an accident. I lacked inspiration and wandered aimlessly through life with a general foul attitude. 

I didn’t start physically going to church or seeking out a religious or spritual life until a few years ago. 

Recently I have made it more of a priority to attend church regardless of where I end up squatting for the weekend. 

Trust me- there are times when I don’t want to get up and go… And I’m sure those are the days that probably had a late Saturday night my crazy friends roped me into 😌😌😌

But my point is this…. It’s slowly SLOWLY become a priority for me to go. 


This is what I reflected on today. 💫

We don’t HAVE to physically attend church services. We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to. Mmmmmmkay 😌

What I am learning to be my understanding of God is that God is love. And you don’t necesarily “need” those 4 walls on each Sunday morning to seek a relationship with that. 

Love is also an action and not just a feeling. When we make a commitment to love in our hearts we are also making a commitment to God. 

So why do I go?

Because I recognize the power of surrounding myself with people and things that evoke feelings love and joy. I know the power of being inspired by what we surround ourselves with.

I know the effects of being with people that are negative or ooze drama and how it effects me personally being around that. 

I also know how valuable and finite our time is so its more important to me now than ever to fill my time wisely and do so with great things.

I will never be the type of person again that does something because that’s what I’m “supposed to do”… 

I got married because that’s what I thought I was “supposed” to do… I waited until way too late to get divorced because your not “supposed” to… And welp, f💥ck that noise. ✌🏿️

I’m not going to go to church to go through the motions. Or just to say I go. Trust me when I tell you I am keenly aware that some people that attend church weekly can be amongst the most evil. But that’s got  nothing to do with us if that’s how they choose to live. 

I intentionally go to get something out of it. Each week that hour is like a fuel station for me. 

We are never perfect at anything. We must always practice our golf game.. Our running…. whatever it may be. Why would our spritual or religious life be any different??

I love seeing the people that sit in the pew next to me and in front of me at my favorite out of town church. I look forward to being blessed by their presence. Even though they are always late 🙂 Ok never mind that’s me but anyhoooooo 🙂

I embrace the messages that are being given as inspiration to carry me throughout the week. It helps me get centered again and back on focus. 

I leave the service yearning to find ways I can make a difference. The sermon today was about creating a revolution for compassion and my mind has been on overdrive ever since. I am inspired to the max 💫

Do I “need” to go to church to get these feelers??? Absolutely not. 
But I want to. It brings me an obscene amount of joy. If it didn’t I wouldn’t go. 

If your attending church and you feel anything less than inspired when you leave let’s find a new place for you that you can. 

I have been to churches where I have left feeling out of sorts and I flat didn’t like it. What works for one person may not work for others. I respect that and simply found a new place that I love. 

I am lucky enough to have several sources of happy in a few different churches. 

It truly has been transformational for me. It took me a while to start “get it”… I hardly know anything out of the bible… I was raised by wolves- no joke 😕

But what I do know is that regardless of my knowledge of what the bible is – I know the words God and Love can be interchangeable. 

So would it change your perspective a little if you said you went to church to get closer to Love?? Or to practice getting to know Love? Or living like Love? 

All things are energy and we are more connected than we may realize. 

We all make ripples. Which brings me full circle to the beginning of my ramble. 

I chose to pursue this church simply because the pastor radiated feelings that made me want to be around. I WANT to absorb some of that goodness and therefore share that out to the world as well. 

I can now fully answer my friend when he asks me again what I get out of going to church. This doesn’t mean I will seek to change his mind or anyone else’s for that matter. 

I just know sharing our experiences can only help. 

Enough for now….. 

All my love…. 

a. Danielle ❣

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