My laboratory shenanigans…

First off thank you for taking the time to read this 💕  It means a lot to me.

BUT let’s be honest you would be silly not to because I am SO EXCITED about what I am going to share with you I can’t hardly stand it!!!  

This my peeps, is the first of many of my laboratory (kitchen) adventure blurbs! 💫 

If you are on my snap or follow my IG it doesn’t take a genius to see where my happy is… Kitchen, Led Zeppelin, and dancin. 💫 

Here’s how I decide what to write about…. I don’t. It just comes to me. You folks should be thankful for the crazy voice(s) in my head that prompted me to post this. 

Drum roll… 

Turkey. Enchilada. Baby. Meatloafs. 

Here you will observe them in their original form as “ingredients”… This looks like a big blob of crap 😖 Apologies peeps.. I’m sure my photography skills will improve 😝🤘🏽

I don’t make make up my own recipes a whole lot but I have a real good ass time trying new things I find from other blogs etc that I follow. This is a top fave so far and way too good not to share with you! 💕

Here’s my final product… I’m OBSESSSED. It may look like a pile of… 💩. But kid yourself not its much more magical than that! 

I tweak the recipes I find sometimes and for this I added taco seasoning and it originally said to make one meatloaf 😕 I didn’t have time to bake it for 4 years (50-60 mins) like it said originally to bake. 

I put them in baby loaf pans. How long did I bake them you ask??? 😐 

I can’t be sure because I forgot about them in the oven all together… Twice 🙃

First, I got sidetracked and went to the plant store for a while…. 😳 

But how could you say no to these 😌 

I remembered there was food in the oven when I walked in and smelled food 😆 

I made sure nothing was burned (on fire, burning my house down etc) and all was well. 

I tend to want to overcook things… (Ever had salmonella?!?) 

Luckily, I had some more time so I went outside and got wrapped up with spritzing and taking selfies with Mr. Snib 😊 


So what’s the lesson here folks??? 🤔 F💥ck if I know but if you figure it out please let me know. 😊

Here’s the recipe from the actual site I found it. OH and I used oat flour (ground up oatmeal) instead of panko.. And don’t use salt and pepper.

I look for recipes that are higher in protein but also super flavorful and this one nailed it. 🎉

As you get to learn more about me through my ditties you will notice I spend ALOT of time in my laboratory. 

It might look like I am purely “cooking” but it’s actually much more than that. 

I am forever on a journey to live a peaceful, serene life. (Been through my fair share of hard knocks) We are not always able to control our external circumstances  (shitty job, shitty mother / father in law… You get the drift). 

This might lead us to feel out of control, stressed, unhappy and void of energy at the end of the day.  Knife anyone 🔪🔪🔪

What we do have control of more than we think – is what goes on in our pumpkins. 

I had read about meditating and the 4849503736 benefits of doing so but alway scoffed at it. 

I THOUGHT you had to sit scrossed legged on the floor in silence for hours on end to reap real benefits. 

NOT the case friends… Not the case. 

Meditation can be anything you enjoy doing… Running.. Making jewelry, cooking etc. 

It’s better than Zanax. Well… 🙃 no, for sure it is. 

Take the time to find something that brings YOU peace and joy. 

That’s what my cooking adventures are for me. Which is shocking because I used to HATE cooking. And I should have been good at it because dead mom was an AMAZING cook. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stand to be in the same room as her to learn anything.. Which we will get to at a later date 😕 

Another reason I cook and feel compelled to share is because I have had body issues.. I have been in the trenches fighting terrible food binge battles.. I have HATED what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I have fought hard to be at peace with food and my reflection. 

2 glaring blessings are that this has helped me to abstain from using food as a drug and cooking absolutely brings me an obscene amount of peace and joy by being my active mediation (namaste, bitches 🤘🏽)

 I also hope that I might inspire someone else to start loving themself more and in turn they may begin to make healthier decisions for their lives. 

…….. Ok. Since I can’t lie to you I must confess when I went to the store to get ingredients for this adventure I forgot the freakin meat… You know for the MEATloaf 😳😝😆 

I don’t even know about myself sometimes. 

Until later dear friends ❣

All my love…

a. Danielle ❣

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