Am I a Hoarder???

First allow me to warn you I may have an over active imagination… πŸ™ƒ

That being said.. I am starting to feel like I could be on the show “Hoarders” (soooooo not even close). 

Truthfully.. I have started to feel a little suffocated in some areas of my life. A weird stagnant feeling has been building up around me it seems like and I can not shake it. 

As luck would have it a few weeks ago one of my dear friends randomly texted me a picture of two books she had purchased on sale from Super T. They were about decluttering and creating a space that sparks joy. (LOVE divine timing).

I didn’t take action at the time but the seed was most definitely planted…  And the next time I had seen her she was so excited about her books and getting her project started. Her sheer enthusiasm about it was ubber infectious. 

Hook line and sinker. I immediately went on Amazon and purchased the book for my kindle. I love reading my kindle while doing cardio… Two birds, one stone sorta deal. This book is life changing. 

In a nutshell, it talks about why we hang on to items we haven’t looked at, worn, or touched in years. 

Further it explains the principle that if we do not clear out old “anythings” in our lives, we cannot make space for new more amazing anythings to come our way. (Clothes, magazines, men/women πŸ€”)

In light of my new found resolve to keep creating a more joyful, inspiring, and purposeful life… This book was beyond perfect (of course) and great timing (thanks universe πŸ˜‰). 

I’m ready to continue letting go of old things that no longer serve me in any area of my life. Starting with my clothes of course ☺️

What I found by simply decluttering my clothes is that I actually have a better relationship with EVERYTHING. My entire outlook on the things I want to surround myself with has changed DRASTICALLY. 😳 

I spent about 2-2.5 hours going through my clothes precisely as the book instructed. Here they are all in a heap on my living room floor! 

And yes my tree is still up because it brings me an emormous amount of joy and I really don’t care what anyone thinks! (It ended up staying up till Patty’s day ☘)

I cannot even begin to describe how refreshed I feel. 

Seriously. There were things that I hadn’t ever worn that still had tags on them. This picture below shows what I am letting go of. Unbelievable. I’m almost ashamed. πŸ˜”

When I finished and was gloating about my job well done I realized a few things… One being I have absolutely no respect for my clothes and closet and the amount of money I essentially wasted on all of this (eeeek). πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ 

But the clencher is now I know I will always ask myself “does this spark joy” (the simple recipe for determining what you purchase/ keep) when I am about to purchase ANYTHING and bring it in to my space. 

Trust me when I say this project cleared out a lot more than just my closet. And truly this is just a lesson in being mindful if you really strip it down. 

For a step deeper, this was a glaring realization that I had done some numbing (drugging) of myself by mindlessly shopping and spending money on things I hoped would fill my happiness… (Oh boy folks…shits getting deep in here πŸ’©)  Instead of just dealing with the more serious issues going on in my life. 

Have you heard of substitute addiction?? 

If you stick around we will get to that my loves. It will get good, promise. 

Till next time ❣ 

All my love, 

a. Danielle ❣

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